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Anti-Aging Peptide Therapy

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We as human beings grow older as the time passes. Wrinkles on the skin, dark spots under eyes are maybe some initial signs of looking older. However, People are always concerned to look firm, younger and active. The cause of looking older as the time passes is a reduction of collagen in the skin.


What is Anti-ageing peptide therapy?

Anti-ageing peptide therapy is aim to remove dark circles under eye, skin wrinkles etc. and it increases the portion of collagen in the skin. Different peptides are used to enhance the skin depending upon the nature of skin types such as oily skin or dry skin etc.

It is popular in the current generation since there is a lot improvement in research and developments which lead peptide therapy having no side effects.


What are peptides?

Amino acids are always in our body. Normally, we get it through natural proteins by vegetables and milk. Peptides are the small chains of amino acids made naturally or artificially. Our skin, nails, hair etc. contains peptides. Peptide helps in restoration of copper in our skin and copper helps in producing more collagen in the body.


What is collagen?

Collagen is simply protein. It is in abundance in the human body. The major proportion is in the muscles, skin and hairs. Production of collagen is significant as we grow young. As we age, the production of collagen slows down in the body. There are some other factors also which is causing the reduction of collagen level in the body such as smoking habits, staying a longer time in sunlight, and hence, our body looks older.

  • The high proportion of collagen helps in hair and skin to remain young and fair.
  • Collagen reduces the number of stretches on the body.
  • Collagen also helps in Improving Metabolism.
  • Collagen provides strength to joints and bones including teeth.

There are many types of collagen in the body. All collagen is good for human body. Collagen ultimately helps in enhancement of reverse ageing.


Source of Collagen:

Collagen is protein so the source of collagen is protein foods. Fruits like Orange, banana, Blackberry, Blueberry are the natural source of collagen. Other foods such as Milk and milk products, Fish, Chicken and Eggs are also the natural source of collagen.


Peptide types:

There are two types of peptides which are Natural and Artificial.

  • Natural:

Milk, cereals and fruits give the protein to our body. This is the source of the Natural peptide.

  • Human-made:

These peptides are made up of by various chemical processes like a combination of different compounds. This is usually in the form of dermatology creams and gel and not in the form of oral medications. It is known as in vitro. Pharmaceutical companies use artificial peptides to produce various creams, lotions and gel. There are different methods for preparation of artificial peptides.

Being an independent pharmacy of Palm Harbour, we have excellence in anti-ageing peptide therapy. Our team of excellent dermatologist are always worked on improvement.


Why Promise Pharmacy?

Often times you may find that there are significant numbers of cream available in the market. It became increasingly difficult to choose the right cream which fits your skin type. You need an expert advice and there is our role. Promise Pharmacy, with the help of the professionals, helps you choose the right product for you and your loved ones.

You need to schedule an appointment with our dermatologist by calling or through email. On your visit to Promise Pharmacy, our doctor will ask you several questions related to your body and skin type. Based on the result, the dermatologist will suggest the cream/gel/lotion which is unique and best fits you. Follow the instruction of the doctor to achieve the best results for enhancement of your skin and look younger, firm and fair skin.

In the case of continuation of treatment and if the follow up is not required by the doctor, Promise pharmacy promises to refill the prescription over the call or email.

Promise Pharmacy, Palm Harbour delivers your order with no any extra charge. You can order us online or through call, email or over the counter. Our customer care executive shall confirm the order and arrange the delivery to your desired address. Promise Pharmacy, Palm Harbour promises best delivery of quality services to its customers.

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