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Hormone replacement therapy is used to treat hormonal imbalance in the body. An imbalance can be caused by either an insufficient or total lack of production of hormones. In women, this mostly occurs shortly before and during menopause. They experience symptoms like vaginal dryness, interrupted sleep, hot flashes, dry skin, and difficulty in concentration. At Buford Road Pharmacy, balancing hormones is our specialty.

Our medical practitioners have undergone vigorous training that makes them the best in prescribing hormone therapy. They are continuously learning new things to understand the complexity that comes with hormones including the process by which they transform when they enter the body and how the whole body reacts to their presence.

Once you visit our pharmacy, we conduct comprehensive testing to understand your body and its hormone composition. We do blood and urine tests to check the levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone in the body. We are incredibly keen when dealing with our patients. Our medical practitioners take their time to cater to your every medical need as they are entirely invested in your health and overall well-being.

After all the tests have been completed, we hold a consultation session with you so that we can get to understand your medical background as well as your lifestyle choices. We do this so that we can come up with the best medical plan that will cater to your specific body needs on your roads towards hormonal balance


We do this because we understand that not everybody can be treated with the same method and drug as the next person. Certain factors like age, weight, heredity, and hormone levels in the body have to be considered. This is why our pharmacy prides itself on its ability to compound treatments that are tailor suited for a specific patient.


Forms Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pills: this is the most preferred form of hormone therapy. Patients are directed to take a tablet per day while others, depending on their conditions may have a more complex prescription.


Skin Patches: it involves wearing a skin patch below the stomach but above the waistline for a period of one to two weeks then replacing it with another one subject to doctor’s instructions. Some people favor it because it is convenient as they don’t have to remember to put it on on a daily basis and also has no effect on people who have liver issues since it goes directly into the bloodstream.


Creams, Gels, And Sprays: it is safe for patients with liver complications as they go directly into the bloodstream. According to directions, some of these might be applied to the arms and others on the legs. All are usually applied once a day.


Vaginal Rings, Suppositories, And Creams: specifically made for women who experience pain during intercourse and those who have vaginal dryness, itchiness, or burning. Prescription often varies but rings are removed once every three months. This is the best approach towards treating vaginal issues without having to subject the whole body through the boosted level of estrogen.


Benefits Of Hormone Therapy

  1. Improved vaginal conditions for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and itching. When these issues are resolved, a woman’s self-confidence is regained and one can live a more fulfilled life.
  2. Night time is less dreaded as hot night flashes disappear and sleep patterns are more regular. This improves on moods leading to a less irritable and more focused individual.
  3. Better looking skin that appears younger and radiant. By increasing the levels of estrogen, collagen can be effectively produced and thus skin becomes tight and smooth.
  4. A surge in liveliness is experienced since the hormones in the body are balanced leading to the adequate production of energy.

At Buford Road pharmacy, we are dedicated to our patients and we make it our mission to ensure that we deliver remarkable services. After administering a custom- made hormone therapy, we regularly monitor the progress of our patients to ensure that they are responding positively to the treatment. We are your partners in the journey towards a healthier you! We also offer free delivery of prescription pills to your homes and offices. To get first class medical attention, visit Buford Road pharmacy.