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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Tired of those mood swings, hot flashes, sweating, need not worry because Promise Pharmacy in Palm Harbour is the right place for all the women who are in the phase of menopause. We understand that it can be quite hard to tolerate those uneasy symptoms of menopause, that’s why our pharmacy is the best place where you can get the most effective treatments like hormone replacement therapy and guidance.

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment under which hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are prescribed to the females in the form of medications, to combat the various symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a phase in a woman's life where the menstrual flow stops, marking the end of women’s fertility. Menopause leads to many undesirable changes such as hot flashes, reduced sexual desire, dry vagina, night sweats. These changes can persist for months and if, many years. Other symptoms include the fat build-up in the abdominal region, leading to weight gain and obesity, hair loss, thinning of hair, breast shrinkage, vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness causes itching which may become chronic and can cause severe health problems. Some of the problems associated with it are lack of focus and concentration, emotional changes, Urinary tract infection. Complications such as breast cancer become more prone after menopause. Although these health conditions are quite scary with the advancement in treatments like Hormone Replacement Therapy, you may need not to worry as it is a phase which every woman must go through as they reach the age of forties or fifties.

Many women do not prefer a treatment as they think that it is quite normal, and one of the undeniable change in a women’s life but if it is affecting her way of living then it is advisable to take medications and treatment. Hormone replacement therapy is the treatment which is adopted by a lot of women.


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It is the most effective treatment for the menopause. This therapy is also known as estrogen therapy. In this treatment, patients are given medications consisting of hormones that have decreased their production in human body. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones which start to decrease their secretion in a female body as women stop menstruating. In this treatment the doctor usually advises small doses of estrogen prescription to keep the symptoms of menopause at bay. The estrogen can be taken in the form of pills and is one the most common way as it is easy to formulate. The dosage should be strictly prescribed by the physician. Another method involves the patch treatment in which an estrogen patch is worn on the skin of your abdomen, depending on the dosage some patch is worn for 1 or 2 days while others can be worn for 1 week. Rubbing creams or gels is another method by which you can get estrogen unto your system. Cream, gel or spray when applied unto the skin get absorbed into the surface and get into your bloodstream. With hormone replacement therapy you can see significant changes such as thick hair, more concentration, deeper sleep, increased energy, improved mood, increased red blood cell production. Hormone replacement therapy also helps in preventing osteoporosis. Nowadays many individuals are adopting compounding pharmacy which aims at producing medications for the specific individual.


HRT Treatment from the Best Compounding Pharmacy

We at Promise Pharmacy understand that no two women are alike. Compounding is an art which aims at making medications that work better to the patient and hence cannot be achieved by commercially produced drugs. Physician and the patients work in close collaboration, helping in creating a better understanding. Each woman has their own difficulty with the onset of menopause and as every person is unique and may react differently to different substances.  Hence medication can be allergic or in some cases harmful to the patient. Compounding pharmacy helps in overcoming all those shortcomings. The advantage of compounded HRT is that it can be adapted specifically to fit everyone’s body and hormone levels. There are many treatments available and our team of professionals, physicians in Promise Pharmacy specialize in women health, helping them to interact and acquire the best options available with the compounding pharmacy.


Prescription Refills

If you are that person who needs your pills regularly and you seldom get out of stock, then with Promise Pharmacy you can get your prescription refills.

Compounded hormones are available in our Pharmacy in a wide variety of combination, strength, and dosage. With Promise Pharmacy you can find the best solution and delivery method for you, seek regular health care, make healthy lifestyles choice.

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