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Veterinary Compound Medicine

Veterinary Compound Medicine is the discipline of medical science which studies animals and prescribe the medicines beyond tailor-made, customised for the animal patient in question. In simple terms, compound medicine is customized medication by practising veterinarian. Customization of medications is done in different forms such as by adding different concentrates, by dilution of effects of the original drug, by a change of drug combination.  The objective of compounding in veterinary is to cure animal effectively and efficiently. The popularity of compounding lies in customization of the medicines.

Located at Palm Harbour, Promise Pharmacy is independent pharmacy near you for veterinary compound medicine. We have a team of professional veterinary doctors, nurses and support staff equipped with the latest available equipment. Our team of professionals have undergone an in-depth training for compound medicines.


Compound medicines are of following types:

  • Mix with various flavours depending on the animals, in original drug.
  • Preparing compound in combination of injections.
  • Make liquid from the compound by crushing the tablet.

Procedure at Promise Pharmacy:

  • At first, our doctors shall ask several questions to pet owner in order to diagnose the exact diseases and the root cause of it.
  • After evaluation of the symptoms, the veterinary doctor shall analyse all the available solution and prepare the medication based on the severity of the disease.
  • A doctor then comes to a conclusion and prepare a treatment procedure.


Often times, it becomes really hard for the owners of the animals to give them the drug which is prescribed by a veterinary doctor in its original form, hence, it becomes quite essential to add various flavours in the original medicines while compounding medications. Below is some of the indicative list of flavours;

  • Chicken, bacon or Beef flavour

This flavour is added generally for animals eating chicken like dogs.

  • Chocolate or Milk flavour

This flavour is added generally for the animals like cats etc.

  • Peanut or almond flavour

This flavour is added generally for the birds like parrot, sparrow etc.

The regulating body of compounding medicine is US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Promise Pharmacy promises 100% compliance with laws and regulation of US FDA which makes us the best pharmacy of Palm Harbour. We are strictly against the unethical practice of using substances which are not approved and authorised by US FDA.

We are completely different and unique in comparisons to commercial products. There is an increasing number of pharmacy which is now not following ethical practice where the pet owners must have to be cautious while looking for the right pharmacy for the treatment. Our team always works on improving the compounding so as to effectively mitigate diseases of cats, horse, dogs and other animals.


Benefits of Compounding in Veterinary:

  • Unique Medications:

Compounding medicine offers medication which is only made for the animal patient in question, so it is having lesser side effects and cures the disease more effectively and fast.

  • No Drug Allergy:

When the compounded medications is prescribed, there are very fewer chances of complications of drugs since all unnecessary drugs which are available in tailor-made medicines are not in compounding medicines.

  • Less costly than manufactured products:

Cost of compounding medication lies in the cost of underlying drugs. It may vary from one compound to another compound. However, in overall quality chemicals can be cheaper by not adding unnecessary flavours and colours unlike pills.

  • Discontinued Medication

The drug manufacturing companies manufacture drugs only based on the demand for the drug. Over a period of time, some drugs do not have much demand and it makes commercially unviable to produce such drugs on a larger scale. It becomes the cause of discontinuation of drugs. It does not mean that animal patient does not require that medicine. Compound medicine makes easy availability of discontinued medications.


Promise pharmacy not only cures the disease of your pets but also helps in growing your pet healthily. Promise pharmacy is the skilled pharmacy with the latest available diagnostic equipment.

The future pharmacy is compound medicine. Compound medicine is growing exponentially in veterinary and a pet owner prefers the animal shall be treated uniquely with medicines it requires. It has to be monitored by regulatory bodies within a states and country because of the customization of medication.

Promise pharmacy delivers the medicines or prescription refill at home for without any extra charge. The pet owner needs to order it over the phone or email and needs to provide the delivery address. Promise pharmacy, Palm harbour is your right choice to grow your pets happily and healthily.

Give us a call at (772) 200-4744, visit our website at www.promisepharmacy.com, or come into our conveniently accessible Palm Harbor location today and speak with one of the highly qualified and professional members of our staff today and let us help you understand how we can help improve your healthcare journey and get you on the way to better health in no time at all.


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