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Finding good medical supplies is very important for your pharmacy and hospital and it becomes even more important to find good supplier when you need wholesale medical supplies. We provide wholesale medical supplies. We provide AED defibrillator, injectable and biologicals, gauze, gloves, bulk incontinent supplies, needles, syringes and IV solutions in wholesale.

AED Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator is very important instrument it is used checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. If you are looking for wholesale AED Defibrillator supplier who can give you wholesale shipment within 24 hours then we are your pharmacy. Contact us today and we will be able to send you AED Defibrillator within 24 hours.

Injectable and Biologicals, Gauze

Wound dressing supplies are sometimes needed within very short time. This is why you should contact to Promise pharmacy to supply you wound dressings like injectable and biologicals, gauze.


A lot of times and in a lot of different kinds of circumstances there is not only a great want but also a great need for specific types of rubber gloves. Rubber gloves can be used for a large array of different circumstances. Some of these circumstances would need simple one time use disposable rubber gloves and others would need thicker more durable gloves that are not just simply available and open for one-time use. These high-quality medical grade gloves would or could be used over a larger period of time.


  • The Types of Gloves Available

There is a very substantial range of rubber gloves available and out on the market. Medical grade gloves that are of high quality can also be found in many places. These types of rubber gloves are great because they are disposable as well. The five categories of rubber disposable gloves are made of the following materials: poly, nitrile, vinyl, neoprene, and latex. For the purpose of seeking medical grade gloves specifically, really there should only be a focus on disposable rubber gloves made of nitrile, vinyl, or latex. The other types of gloves made of neoprene and poly would be more suitable in other situations and under different conditions.


  • Nitrile Gloves


Nitriles gloves are latex free and don’t provoke any allergic reactions. These gloves are made from a very strong but also a quite thin material. Compared to other gloves of different materials, nitrile is definitely the most resistant and safe to use when using chemicals. It is the hardest glove to puncture a hole in so it is the safest glove to use in terms of that. This glove sits comfortably on one’s hand as it molds easily to the shape of it. What’s great about nitrile gloves, in particular, is that they can be used over an extended period of time.


  • Vinyl Gloves


Gloves made of the vinyl material are another super option for the use of disposable rubber medical grade gloves. These gloves are also latex free so no allergic reactions will be provoked out of the use of them. They are also a very comfortable fit. They are offered in either thick or thin size, the thicker being less likely to be punctured and have holes created. These are not really ideal when working with hazardous chemicals or acids. However, in medical terms, it is a fantastic fit for medical examinations.

  • Latex Gloves


The final option of high-quality medical grade disposable rubber glove material would be the choice of latex gloves. Unfortunately, latex isn’t an option for a select group of people who are, in fact, allergic to it. In such a case they would need to use one of the for mentioned gloves. Otherwise, latex is great because it is biodegradable since it is made from a natural rubber. As far as comfort goes, latex gloves are a very strong material, yet very comfortable to have on the hand. For use over extended time, they are safe. They are very high quality but because of this, they are more expensive than, say, vinyl gloves. However, if they are purchased one can be sure they are a great choice. Promise Pharmacy provides all these types of medical gloves within a very short period of time and wholesale shipments are sent within 24 hours.


Other Wholesale Medical Supplies

Other than mentioned above items we provide wholesale supply in bulk incontinent supplies, needles, syringes and IV solutions in wholesale. If you need any of these supplies to get in touch with us today and we will be able to send you supplies at competitive pricing and within 24 hours.