Acne Treatment

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished for clean, glistening face. You have wondered if your acne is occasional or long-lasting. Sound proverbial? It is believed 80 percent of people have acne problems between the age of 11 and 30.  Acne also commonly called “Pimples” is most common skin disease, most common in teenagers and young adults, though people of all ages and races get acne. Well, that also means, acne treatment is also a common practice. But as all causes of acne are not same, hence the treatment for it also varies. We provide customized acne treatment to all our customers with Acne problems.

Although all acne originates due to stimulation of the oil glands, but treatment largely depends on your skin type and condition of acne. If it’s beginning or middle stage you can get rid of Acne with our famous Acne treatment. If you have Acne for longer period now then don’t worry we have treatment for you as well. Before taking any treatment please make sure that you don’t have any skin allergies.

Are you facing problems?

If you have acne problems and wondering if it requires treatment, then you should look into the matter seriously and think “Is this acne thing really bothering me”?  Do you feel miserable and keep yourself locked in the room due to acne? Is this acne driving you to isolation?  Are you probably developing scars? If the answer is No, then you can try some home remedies, simple cleansing and recommended exfoliation techniques. But if the answer is yes or you are not sure, then you probably should seek some professional help for guidance.

The right time to treat acne would be when it really becomes bothersome or when the potential for scarring develops. Early pimple treatment can prevent the development of scars that results from severe cases.

Teenage Acnes

Teenage acne is very common due to hormonal changes, in some cases this is a short-lived phase, but some could be perennial if not treated. What teenagers really need is an assurance and support that they will not need to go through life with a blemished face. Treatment to acne tries to heal Existing acnes, stop new Acnes from forming, prevent scarring and help reduce the embarrassment of having acne but not without side effects. If you think you really have these issues, then you probably need some treatment, but the best judge is you yourself.

Yancy Lael, the famous author has said “You can hide a lot of physical flaws, but not acne. It’s right there, on the first thing people notice about us – our face. And it’s hard for some of us to imagine that people can see the face – the PERSON – behind the acne.” So don’t let your acne disrupt your daily routine, make wise, informative and smart decision. Let us help you. At promise Pharmacy we have trained staff that can help you to fill and refill your prescriptions and give you our best Acne treatment.

Acne is a medical condition that causes plugged pores hence making the skin forming pimples. It mainly occurs on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It affects teenagers and adults in both women and men. Although it is not a severe medical condition; it can cause severe distress affecting one’s self-esteem and personal relationships. This is why we are here to help you. Get your confidence and self esteem back with our famous Acne treatment.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is a hereditary disorder of the pores. The pores of the hair follicles fill up with dead skin cells. Healthy pores only shed a layer of skin cells in a day, but the acne-prone pores can shed up to five layers of skin cells within the same period. It is difficult for the body to keep up with the rate of exfoliation. Thus, the dead cells fill up under the skin and offer a perfect ground for bacteria that feed on dead cells hence causing inflamed pimples.

What are factors that Worsen Acne?

Several factors cause acne treatment but they are not limited to the following:

  • Fluctuation of hormones that stimulate the oil glands hence producing more sebum, which in turn blocks the pores; this can happen mostly at times of significant hormonal changes such as during menstrual cycles and teenage years.
  • Oil products applied on the skin such as moisturizers and cosmetics or grease that is got from work environments.
  • Other environmental factors that cause irritation such as high humidity and pollutants.
  • Rigid scrubbing of the skin, squeezing and picketing at the blemishes also increase acne by transferring the bacteria to parts of the skin that were not affected.

We understand your need and we know that the aim of seeking Pimple treatment is to treat the existing lesion and stop new ones from forming. Our Acne Treatment also minimizes scarring and reduces the emotional and psychological stress caused by the disease.  If you are tired of using Acne treatments then Promise Pharmacy is your last step. After our treatment you will never need to visit any other dermatologist or pharmacy.

Give us a call or come into our conveniently accessible Palm Harbor location today and speak with one of the highly qualified and professional members of our staff today and let us help you understand how we can help improve your healthcare journey and get you on the way to better health in no time at all.