Med-Sync Program

Welcome to Promise Pharmacy, Palm Harbor, and Florida’s number one independent Pharmacy. Here, we offer some of the best compounding services around, whilst maintaining a focus on giving you, the customer, fair and affordable pricing.

Why is our compounding Pharmacy the best around?

Promise Pharmacy offers high-quality custom-made compounds for our patients required prescription meds, dermatological treatments, hormone therapy, weight loss management, pain compounds, and many other post-surgical treatments. Our pharmacists work with Florida’s pioneering New Medicine Foundation (NMF) to produce high-quality medical compounds and provide palatable medication for our patients. We are able to convert solid pill-form medication into easy-to-apply ointments and gels or convert it to liquid medicine to be taken as a syrup or with a drink. We are able to increase commercial medical dosages to ensure our patient’s prescriptions offer effective pain relief. We can also add flavor to liquid medicine to prescribe to patients who have difficulties taking prescription medicine, or remove common allergens, which may prevent many people from using effective medical treatment. Our Pharmacists work in and abide by the very strictest state and national medical board regulations, to ensure a clean, hygienic, and high-quality medical product that will help our patients make a quick and speedy recovery from their illness. Our pain compounds utilize our Pharmacist’s expertise in removing allergens such as preservatives, and gluten, whilst increasing dosages to more effective treatment levels, which many out-of-the-box medicines cannot do.

You may ask yourself, “Where can I find hormone replacement therapy near me?” Well, here at Promise Pharmacy we offer some of the best services in the state, with carefully designed and tailored programs for women and men alike. Our Pharmacists can provide custom–made bioidentical hormone therapies for our patients, to correct testosterone imbalances, which in women may affect fertility, cause obesity, raise blood pressure, or cause hair loss. In men, these imbalances may cause problems with libido, bone and muscle weakness, fatigue, or weight gain. We also work hard to provide medication to correct imbalances in progesterone, and estrogen production, which may affect a woman’s fertility, weight, and menstrual cycles, as well as affecting man’s weight, hair loss, and insomnia. Promise Pharmacy offers excellent tailor-made treatments for both men and women and can help with natural hormone imbalances that come with age.

In addition to these unrivaled medical services, Promise pharmacy provides the number one prescription refill service. We can offer free home delivery meds in-state and the surrounding area, to cater to our busy at-work patients or those who are unable to travel or do not have suitable transport to collect their medication. It’s as easy as filling in our prescription refill form on our website or arranging a delivery service over the phone making Promise Pharmacy the best Pharmacy near you. Our Pharmacy uses MED SYNC software, which is specially designed to provide medication for our patients with multiple prescriptions. Our Pharmacists will be able to custom produce medications to ensure our multi-prescription patients have all their medicine delivered together and ensure you won’t have to make multiple visits to fill your prescriptions.

We also provide free home med delivery to our valued customers this is why our customers know that we value them and their life and health above all other things. If you can not visit our pharmacy give us a call and we will make sure that you get your prescription filled or refilled within just a few hours at your doorstep.

We hope that you’re able to make your next medical appointment a visit to Promise Pharmacy; the best pharmacy in Fort Harbor. Our 24-hour hotline operators from in and around Palm Harbor, Florida will surely be there to help you out with your predicament sooner rather than later.

Give us a call or come into our conveniently accessible Palm Harbor location today and speak with one of the highly qualified and professional members of our staff today and let us help you understand how we can help improve your healthcare journey and get you on the way to better health in no time at all.